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I want to know if my boyfriend has been in a live sex chat line.?
I checked the History and found a livejasmine website. I know it wasn't me. My boyfriend says it was a pop-up on High Times website but that isn't true. I checked it out. I don't think your history records pop-ups. This website also shows it was viewed on another day. Does anybody know anything about this......or the website? I don't want to even look at it myself. Thank you all. is a cam to cam website. I typed it in on google and it said "Live Hot Sex Shows". But as stated above, history does record pop ups! Maybe give him the benefit of the doubt, but be wary. =/

P.s What are all these other people talking about?! How is it harming her? ITS HER BOYFRIEND. There is a word called "faithful"! Wow, some guys are jerks (coming from a guy)

Oh... And yes... Yes we can hear you in the 50's =]
Ok what would you do?my husband looks at porn on the internet, I caught him particpating in live sex on line?
we have already being through a bit of trouble in our marriage,It took a while to get things sorted .We stayed togeather and love each other very much.Now this happens.what does this mean for me.I cant seem to make sense of it.He is very good and loving to me,we have a great sex life and he seems so happy when he is with me.we are married 20 years now and I have to say I feel we are very happly married what do I do about him goin on line .He must be missing something with me or else Im not enough for him.I think it will annoy me if it continues ,of course he says it does nt mean anything and he wont do it again. what would you do?
Talk to him about it, but everyone has a libido and different things turn people on. If he likes porn, try joining him. Don't make him sneak behind your back, compromise instead. I promise it has nothing to do with you, every man thinks sexual thoughts about women other than their wives, if they say they don't, they are lying! Men and women think completely differently. Ask him what he wants, what he wants you to do for him, and be open. Tell him EXACTLY what you want too, if you have some sort of fantasies, or you just want him to do certain things, tell him.

Screw Dr. Phil. He's a pompous jerk, this is my OPINION, doesn't mean I'm right, nor is his OPINION correct. Its an opinion, not a fact or guideline for having the right morals and values.
Is there legal grounds for divorce in SC for repeatd phone sex on live chat lines? source would be appreciated?
My husband keeps calling these free live chat lines to talk and have phone sex with random women. I just want to know if i have legal grounds to get out of the marriage!
You don't need grounds to divorce in any state. It is harder in some states then others if the other party is uncooperative, and in some states it takes a long time. In most states, you can divorce after living totally apart in different residences and having no sexual relations for a certain period of time, like a year, and all you have to do is get the other person to sign for the complaint (you have to serve them), and if they won't sign or you don't knoe where they are, you simply have to make a reasonable effort to try to find them and notify them. After that, if they don't show up to court, you basically get whatever you ask for in the divorce.

Proving adultery can expedite the process, but it is very, very difficult to prove, unless both your spouse and his partner are actually willing to go into court and state that they had intercourse.

legally, adultery is having sex with someone you are not married to. Other types of cheating (making out, etc.) are not adultery, legally.
Is there a sex line email address for windows live messeger ?
I know it is a weird question but me and my mates like asking funny stuff on the e-mails, like Talk to FRANK an Wilma and TBot :) x
you dirty sod
A man that has sex problems?
my man friend is in to heavy bondage with sex he wants me to tell him to do things in the bedroom that i don't like for him to do , and talk dirty to him , say stuff like get down on your knees etc it makes me sick, he also watches women beating men videos, he is 46, im 36 and i never witnessed a man like this before, i need advice, on what to do is this something that is danger to me he has even talked to those phone sex lines live and i caught him doing thing the woman told him to do over the phone
live a little, if a man wants to wear diapers, make him shitin them
I was looking on line and i found out that their is a sex offender that live by my house?
and there is a daycare by my house arent the sex offenders dont they have to live like 20 feet way from schools and daycares where can i call to find out
I think it might have to do with what their crime was and who their victim was. If the victims of the person were all adults I don't think the authorities are too concerned about them being around a day care. You should just call the local non-emergency police number and ask them about it though.
We both can live without sex?
Okay, I have known this guy for going on 3 years and we liked eachother at first but he got a girlfriend and I jealous and what not and then I got a boyfriend. We both were really unhappy in our relationships =\ and we realized that we were trying to make our current bf/gf like eachother O_O.!

I recently got of a really really crappy and abusive relationship with this guy and my friend was always there for me and he actually almost kicked the other guys *** ..I am 14 going on 15 on the 23rd of this month and his 16th bday is about a week after mine. We are so much alike and I really love him but I don't want to put all my love out on the line like the last relationship i was in,yea it hurt me but it taught me a lot..(not physical abuse emotional/mental). We decided we were going to wait until we were older so that we can have a better chance of lasting because while we are still teens,we won't be able to be together and stuff like we could if we were adults.I asked him a question about sex because I really don't have a need for it and i am still a virgin and have never engaged in any sexual activities and he hasn't either and I already knew he could live without sex,I just wanted to see and he said he could. I could just be with him and be happy in his arms and I wouldn't feel the need to have sex with him to show that we loved eachother. I was wondering, is there anything wrong with us being that way? Is it normal to not desire sex in a relationship?
That isn't wrong at all. If you don't want to engage into a sexual relationship, then don't. There are a lot of couples in the world that don't have guyren. I think you'll be perfectly happy together! I wish you the best of luck.
Watching Pornography VS. Live Cam Sex (clarified previous question)?
Okay, a little more clarity here. My wife and I have a healthy sex life. I enjoy watching video, photos and the occasional erotic story. My wife enjoys going on Messenger and doing cam to cam with other men. She equates what I do to marital infidelity and I do not because there's no one looking back at me. I consider what she's doing much closer to, or even crossing the line into marital infidelity because there's someone there reacting in real time to what she's doing, and they're telling each other what to do. She strongly disagrees and calls them both the same, but does not think she's doing any worse. Thoughts...are they the same or is one closer to cheating than the other. Okay. Sound Off! I want to be able to tally the votes later, so clear responses are appreciated. Thanks.
you need to explain to her exactly what you've typed in this question. cam sex is not real sex, but they are still engaging in a sexual "act", it seems to be the female equivalent of a man seeing a prostitute! don't get me wrong, she isn't cheating, but she has definately taken the "curiosity" a bit too far!
Where to draw the line on what I tell my fiancee about my past?
She's lovely and I'm mad about her.

Problem: I've a bit of a past. She doesn't know true extent; if she did, I'd be history. BUT! I'm strongly against lying to my wife to be; I'm just no good at it! So how much should I tell her?

I don't mean to rub it in, but I've made a list of the highlights so you've got an idea what we're dealing with. I've tried to include how long ago they happened, since I think how far in the past a thing happened is important.

-Went to strip bars
-Paid for lap dances
-Had sex with 2 women at same time (4 months ago; not paid for, by the way)
-Attended live sex show as customer (6 months ago)
-Paid for sex (6 months)
-Paid for sex with 5+ women at same time (1 year ago)
-Attended live sex show as performer (2 years)
-Paid for sex with more than 1 species at a time (Singapore, 6 years ago)
-Regularly had sex with animals as part of job (Vietnam, 7 years ago)

Please tell me what you think would be a reasonable cutoff point. She's liberal but not crazy
that's quite a past you have there...and from a women's point of view, we could deal with the sex **** with the clubs and hoe's etc coz at the end of the day everyone experiments...

what you didn't say was how long you been with her? i mean this is just me assuming this but if your engaged then its been a while? coz some of that stuff was only four months ago?! which to be honest she may really struggle with... for that screwed up **** about animals...that's up to you if you tell her that part...personally you would be booted out the door straight away coz that ain't normal and how you did that is just beyond my imagination...i mean human and animals are not meant to have sex...and by job im also assuming you mean porn...i cant think of any other job that would involve having sex with animals...

tell her the stripper stuff etc...tell her about the animals and she will more than likely be gone out your life for good!

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