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Would you marry a Glamour girl or Lingerie model if she was really hot?
Assuming you luv her & get on well. Would you be OK if she posed in Mags like Nuts, Zoo weekly, FHM, Front, Loaded, Maxim, Playboy as well as on Page3?

Is being a Glamour girl/Lingerie model a respectable career?
My boyfriend wants to become a glamour photographer what shall I do if I have problem with it?
My boyfriend has a passion for photography, now he likes to do only girls, glamour sexy and lingerie photos. I cannot stand it. I know it is foe a future job but I don't like the idea of having a glamour photographer as a partner. He does not understand why and keep saying that it is just a job and that I am pathetic. This is really ruining our relationship, also because he arranges photoshoots when I am not around and does not show me all the pictures, and does not tell me till a day after he had a photoshoot. Plus how many girls does he need to take pictures of before having enought variation of faces, skin tones, etc for his portfolio? Is it really important for a portfolio to be variated and containing, lingerie, bikinis as well as clothes?
you should support him. if you have a problem with it you should realize that it is your problem, not his. maybe you should break up.
Girls only: do you wear underwired or non underwired bras. i cant seem to get on with the wired ones......?
Girls only: do you wear underwired or non underwired bras. i cant seem to get on with the wired one......?
I find them uncomfortable after a while - i am certain i am wearing the right bra but
I get a raised rash along the straps. But all my friends swear by the underwired ones.

I am fuller busted though a 38g
my question are.

which do you wear and why.
Is comfort or glamour more important on a daily basis for lingerie- thanks

hate to admit it but i wear the wide strapped sensible bras all the time non underwired. I always choose the ones with the highest elastane like truimph or berlie. My breasts are encased in there and dont jiggle about - I seem to fall out of the underwired. It’s the bane of my life

I have a large bust and only wear under-wired bras but I do understand what you mean by finding them uncomfortable. I had a terrible time trying to get on with them and used to wear the 'older' style bras without wire in however I found they turned my boobs into one massive boob or made them triangular!! I was so embarrassed about my hammock bras I decided to persevere with the under-wired ones and now wouldn't look back. I went and got measured to make sure I was in the right size and you'll be amazed how wrong you might have got it. I was wearing a 36D however I turned out to be a 34E. Under-wired bras give much more better shape and as long as you're wearing the correct size provide lots of support. If you're worried about falling out make sure you choose a bra with a full cup or wear a sports bra over the top!
Girls, would you wear this outfit?
We are going to a Xmas party 2nite and just wondering what u think of wot im wearin. we r dressin really slutty just 4 one nite 4 a laugh...

would u wear here is my outfit...






yeah i know its trashy but we are having fun 4 just ONE nite.

any advice also on how 2 walk in those shoes?

Wow, those shoes will be a challenge! I like them though a lot! Sometimes the toe is very slippery so it slides easily when you walk, making it even more difficult to keep your ground. You can get cheap little pads to put on the bottom of the shoes to give your feet a better grip on planet earth! And definitely practice practice practice.......
Girlfriend seems to be a hypocrite?
so i have a few questions to ask actually but the title pretty much says it 20 my girlfriend is 20 as well and she goes off about how much she hates sluts and how girls worthlessly expose themselves for money so on and so forth....shes 20 and she has had sex with 20 guys...its been bothering me alot..i find it disgusting and disheartening should it bother me? or should i just get over it? shes also done a nude photo shoot...nothing trashy really more so just glamour girl stuff...for free...but we got into a big fight about it and our relationship really hasnt been the same since...she did say she wouldnt do it again though...i find it hard to trust her anymore like i used to...i find my self distancing myself from this girl because shes hurt me multiple times...and yet i cant find the power to just let her go..i did break up with her at one point..and within 10 minutes later it turned around on me somehow and i was kind of with her but taking a break and she was the one yelling at me about how she needed to be apart for a little was mind her a relationship is no one having a say in each others life and just supporting them no matter how much you disagree with it...she complains about being poor and not having a job but refuses to get a small time job at a store or something just so she can take care of herself and keep working towards whatever it is that she wants because of her so called pride and the fact that life is too short to have a job you dont like ...she hates the way she looks...or so she says and yet the few jobs she has had are all about looks like gogo dancing...or working at a cafe that has waitress in lingerie and its all just so completely mind blowing i dont understand....a answer to any of my questions is welcome and thank you in advance
Wow. Sounds like you are in a tough situation.

It is difficult when someone you care about seems to have double standards. The problem is that at some point in a relationship, people will say one thing and do another. It only makes the problem worse when you start focusing on the issues and keeping score. It is not something that you can point out to the other person and probably not something they will see or admit.

Take some time to ask yourself a few questions:
1) When the two of you met, what qualities led you to want to start and grow your relationship?
2) Do these qualities still exist?
3) What is important to you in a relationship (in general)? Does your current relationship fulfill these qualities?
4) What is the trust level in the relationship?
5) Does she make you smile / feel good about yourself?
6) What keeps bringing you back?

A few random things to consider:
o Sometimes the qualities that we enjoy about a person are the same ones that will annoy over time. For example, a young lady may dress like a model, which you find attractive. She may also only feel attractive when she dresses that way and will be insecure otherwise, which you may find annoying.
o It will be difficult to break up. Only you can decide if companionship is the sole reason that you are in the relationship and whether this is a good reason to remain in the relationship.
o You cannot change who she is. You can encourage her and attempt to reassure her, but only she can change and only by her own decision.
o When you are in a relationship, people will say that you need to accept everything about that person. Realize that there is a difference between acceptance and tolerance. Tolerance will eventually lead to resentment. What are the negative things about her? Can you accept these without question?
o Don't count on her changing to please you, even if she says that she will. If she does change, acknowledge it in a positive way. Does the change last?
o To have a healthy relationship, the two of you need to be able to have meaningful conversations to discuss individual concerns and feelings. There will be times when you will need to be supportive and keep your feelings to yourself if you disagree. There will be other times when you should feel that you can speak up. You will have to decide the right time (jumping out of a plane without a parachute - speak up. Night out with her girlfriends - be supportive). If you find yourself always having to keep your feelings bottled and not being able to express yourself, I would consider it a red flag.

I'm not sure that I answered your questions, but hopefully with some free time, you will be able to think through your concerns.
Lying dishonest long term boyfriend....what do i do?
I have been living with my bf since i was 16 (4 years now), he is 7 years older than me, and the past year i have started freelance modelling - glamour, lingerie, promo etc - paid and non paid etc... i have been offered opportunities to shoot in spain, st tropez and amerca, i turned down spain last year coz he didnt want me to go, and this year i have been offered america, just a week, and st tropez too.... these are opportunities of a lifetime and i would love to go on them but my bf is givin me an ultimatum - if i go on the trips then he is saying he will finish with me.... he has cheated on me in the past and stupidly i took him back... but he just seems to of been getting worse, and i have just found out he is talking to other girls online again, and paying for thses camshow things,... he obviously lies about it all and claims hes not, hes really nasty sometimes and says im a **** girlfriend, or accuses me of things just because i model... i know hes got loads of new womans numbers on his mobile who hes met online and texts and calls them all the time, yet he goes off his head if im talking to Photographers to arrange bookings!!....i just dont know what to do anymire... i suspect he is cheating on me or planning it... he makes me feel like im in the wrong for wanting to go abroad without him for a week.. but its my modelling career...he makes me feel like im a cheater or that im the one in the wrong... there is no reasoning with him,... he just talks/shouts over me, accuses me of stuff and repeats himself over n over n over.. and if i ignore him then he has throttled me by the neck before or pulled my hair and called me names, then says he is sorry after.
just dont know what to do for the best anymore.
The opportunities you are getting now are ones that many women dream of. If he is going to hold you back from your dreams, walk away. He should be there encouraging you to do these things if they are what you really want to do.

As far as him checking out the cam shows and other women, that is a sure sign that he is just with you to be with you. If you are going to be with a guy, be with one that adores you and will be your everything and support you in the career you choose.
Girls only: do you wear underwired or non underwired bras. i cant seem to get on with the wired one......?
I find them uncomfortable after a while - and i am certain i am wearing the right bra.
I get a raised rash along the straps.
But all my friends swear by the underwired ones.

I am fuller busted though
my questionS are which do you wear and why.
Is comfort or glamour more important on a daily basis for lingerie- thanks
I cannot imagine wearing a non wired bra as it's so hard to get a decent shape without it being too full to wear low tops. (I'm a 32F). I tend to wear T shirt bras or balcony styles as they suit me best, definitely with wires.
Chances are you are not a 38G, especially if you try wired- if you're falling out of your bra it HAS to be the wrong size! Smaller back and bigger cups are needed by 90% of the women I see.
If you are brave, see if you can find a specialist who stocks Panache bras- they go up to a K cup and will give you a real lift without looking too sensible. Freya and Fantasie are good too.
Have a look on this site if you can't get there.
Retro lingerie?
I love feeling sexy (and also 40's-50's style clothes that fit my hourglass figure) even if no one ever sees my underwear but me.
However, it's hard being sexy with little girl underwear and a bra that doesn't fit properly.
Anyone know where to get retro, 1940's/1950's style lingerie? Please, not the super sexy sheer kind (I have a large bust that needs an underwire) but the more everyday kind with a hint of retro glamour.
Also, try to find places that are also avaliable offline...please?
Thanks a lot!
try a corset?
Glamour Modeling as a career?
I'm a very confident 18 y.o girl looking to get into a career in modeling. I know fashion modeling is certainly not for me. I'm not proportionate, to normal standards anyway, so I wouldn't be able to fit into their clothing properly. Besides I'm not tall enough.
I would consider bikini modeling or lingerie modeling as a form of fashion modeling, but some would consider that Glamour.
I'm a natural 32G, and I'm a size 10. And I'm 5'4. I've got naturally tanned skin and I take good care of my body, eat healthy, I swim 4 to 5 times a week. I have good nails and hair... all the things I'm sure an agent would look for.
I thought Glamour modeling would be a good choice.
I just wondered what's involved in the business, maybe some of you are already in it.
I do know it's a lot of hard work and it's difficult to break through, but I think I have potential.
Also I'm aware that the retiring age for modeling is younger than most.

To you who think this is a sleazy business, please don't answer. I wouldn't consider it if I thought it was. Thanks
You sound like a beautiful girl, and also mature enough to realise that it will be hard work, and not just easy money as some girls seem to think. Successful glamour models can often earn several hundred thousand pounds / dollars a year.

Do proceed with caution though, as the adult industry often preys on glamour models to pressure them into doing hardcore porn.

If you become successful you'll also have put up with people whistling at you in the street, jealousy from women, and men frequently pestering you for sex or even offering to pay you for sex (I don't mean to be vulgar, but this can and does happen to glamour models). My cousin, who is a glamour model, has been pestered for sex on several occasions by her boss, offering to elevate her career if she goes to bed with him (disgusting I know!).

However if you think you can handle this, go for it. You could make it big, who knows?
Who do you think is right?
I spoke to my bf a while ago about me getting back into modelling and he didn't have a problem with it then, but now that I have been head hunted, he doesn;t want me to do it.

I explained to him ages ago that it wouldn't be traditional modelling but would be lingerie, swinwear, glamour etc cos I'm not tall enough and as a size 12, not skinny enough to be a traditional model, and he didn't care.

The shoot I have chosen to go with is a lingerie shoot and will go only as far as I want it to. Now, a few weeks ago, he wasn't bothered about topless shots or anything and now he's arguing with me and telling me that it's over between us if I do the lingerie shots. I mean, they're only shots to update my portfolio, nothing more!

He has this thought in his head about guys looking at my pics in magazines and me doing photo shoots with other guys and girls (I'm bisexual).

I've already told him that I won't do any shots with other people, just on my own and he won't have any of it.
hes jealous. he wants you just for himself, nothing else. that's being possesive. if you want to, go for it. he is holding you back, love. go for it. you're right, he's deserve to have someone better than someone who is possesive... that can get dangerous.

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