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Young gay men should be allowed to participate in the Boy Scouts?
"Young gay men should be allowed to participate in the Boy Scouts"
Meaning gay men should be the adults like leading the guys.
Do you agree or disagree? Why?
i could care less,,, and that's how scouting of america should feel about it too...
Are there any gay dominant young men?
i'm planning on joining the gsa at my school and i'd like to make friends and maybe even find someone to fall in love./have a relationship. are there any college guys who will be the dominant role and top in the relationship, because thats what i want. i think i have such an attraction to older men because i feel that all young gay men and feminine guys. i really worry about everything and this is one of those things that i akways worry about....if i will be able to meet anyone in college who is a masculine dominant lover?
You really need to give it some time... It seems like you're going to this GSA with all these hopes of finding someone, but usually love finds you when you're not looking for it like that. I'm saying keep yourself out there, but do not get all disappointed if you don't find what you are looking for in that organization. The younger guys are most certainly not all feminine. Only the ones you see who fit the stereotypes are like that. The only gay guys you can really see are the ones who fit the stereotypes (i.e. feminine). The rest just blend in with the crowd.

College has thousands of people, you are bound to find an amazing guy who fits what you want. Will he be perfect? No. But I'm sure you realize that. Give it time. Everything worth having in life takes time and patience.

Oh and by the way, like someone else mentioned... the kind of gay guys that frequent the GSAs on campus tend to be more "out there" if you know what I mean. My suggestion to you is to join clubs and organizations that appeal to your interests, regardless of them being gay organizations or not. Trust me, there will be gay guys there and I bet you they won't be the stereotypical ones either.
Where do all the young gay men hang out in Albuquerque?
I'm a young, gay Albuquerque resident who is curious where all the YOUNG gay Albuquerque men hang out. I always run into the older gay men in the local adult bookstores, but it's rare that I see gay men who are around my age (21) there, or anywhere in town. I'd like to know where I can meet other gays in Albuquerque who are around/ in my age group.
burger king
Is it really true that all the young gay men in Albuquerque hang out at Burger King? If so, which one?
I just received an answer (in fact, the "best" answer as chosen by the Yahoo Answers community ) that all the young gay men in Albuquerque hang out at Burger King. I hope I'm not being taken for a fool, but if this is really true, which Burger King are they all hanging out at? I'd really like to know.
Yes the one off of Grand.
Do older gay men use young men to feel young again?
Do they see younger men as a way to feel young again? Do they steal the lifeforce energy from younger men through sexual magic harnessed to transcend one's normally perceived reality.

I'm in a gay relationship with a man 30 yrs older than me.
I've noticed a lot of young/old relationships between all sexes. I don't think they're being used. I think sometimes the younger guys like older men for experience, or that older men know how to treat people better. The older guys like the younger guys because they feel "fatherly" or they want to take care of someone.

This is just my opinion of course, but I don't think it's to steal the life force.
Why are young gay men attracted to older gay men?
I get a lot of looks from younger men. I don't think I am very attractive. I was never attracted to older men when I was young.

I am 43 and they are all in their 20's and 30's.
I'm bisexual and attracted to older's the maturity factor. You look intelligent, decent, and mature...that's HOT. xP ;P Enjoy it. ;)
Are modern young gay men more mature than gay men back in the 70', 80's and 90's?
I've noticed a lot of young gay men are now focusing on establishing a good career, home and life earlier rather than rampant partying. They are also taking relationships a lot more seriously and even considering having families. In saying this are young gay men in contemporary society more mature than their counterparts in the eras from the 70's to 90's?
Hard to generalise, though they may be more able to push aside worries about their sexuality and just get on with life, more than generations could've in the 70s - 90s. Maybe it helps them focus more on what they truly want.
Are there any particular Cultures where it is common that young gay men date older men?
Does anyone know are there any countries where it is very common for young gay guys to date older guys?
You need to carefully define your use of the word "date". In many cultures men and women are not allowed to co-mingle so the only option is to always "date" another man, young or old. Also, it's considered a learning experience for a younger man to have an older friend, possibly seen as a mentor. In the West we have demonized the idea that a young man and an older man can have a meaningful relationship with no suggestion of sex. In the Maori culture it's common practice for men to bind themselves emotionally to one another to present a stronger front in battle. In one sense the American Marine Corp encourages strong bonds between all their troops to, again, present a more unified fighting front.

If however, you mean "date" in a sexual sense then the outlook changes. The Greeks had Hoplite warriors who were specifically older men with younger lovers. Again, the idea was to present a unified fighting force in that it was thought neither would desert the other. A theory which proved remarkably accurate as they were much feared.

If I had a son who was openly homosexual and wished to date an older man, I'd encourage it. Better with someone who has some stability and isn't looking for the short term "affaire".
Why do some young gay men find old guys hot?
some young gays are into older men and I don't get it...what is it that turns them on?
Doesn't it really depend on the guy and how old you are. Sometimes the older you are you may be looking for someone your age or older. For instance I'm 57 (though I've been told I don't look it) Most of the guys I look at tend to be my age or a bit younger. I wouldn't want someone still in their 20's. Not all older (not elderly) guys are wrinkled up heading for the home types. i still think as you age your tastes in men change. Also...some fellows who are older are more financially secure and are not runarounds from one guy to the next and more stable.
Where do young gay men in London hang out during the day?
i wanna meet new young gay people like myself, but id rather not do it online
During the day, they are asleep. At night they awake and begin their activities

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